Humility In An Age Of Arrogance

From Nipun Mehta for the Daily Good
In our present day world we all rush to be the center of attention. We want to be seen, heard, and applauded for who we are. There is a different way though. One that will bring far more success and peacefulness than a new set of selfies, or a pat on the back that many cannot live without.

That is, being humble. We do not need to be seen and heard to be important. Rather, it is a far better means of understanding ourselves and the world we live in to be humble. This is not the popular route, but it will save a lot of grey hair, stress and anxiety problems.

Slowly our communities, and society have moved to power grabs and attention seekers over being meek and thinking of others before self. What a sorry state when me has taken over, and no one really ever considers we anymore.

This shows not only in our actions and behaviors, but mostly in our words and the text that we use to talk of ourselves and others. People now respect individuals who have huge bank accounts and can fund something or pay their way through life.

Quality of human existence has been replaced with personal worth in the workplace, equities, and what the title before or after your name is. It should be based on the caliber of the character and the willingness to help others and community.

This would not be such a problem, or an issue if it did not cause the wrong characters to come forward. Where is the empathy that we used to have as a society for others? Homelessness is up, violence is increasing and we do not seem to even blink an eye at it. Arrogance is a strange bedfellow and can only serve to aid one if they remain in a place of power and affluence.

When the chips are down one will have to learn humility in order to live and survive. We need it as a people in order to be able to make the changes that will keep this world going. We cannot look at others as if they are servants to do our bidding. Others have feelings to and being able to relate to others is what makes us uniquely human.

Humility does not mean one has to lose self either. In our own humbleness we find our self. We find what makes us strong, courageous and beautiful. Being humble is a way that we connect with others and the world around us.


Focus on the Small Goals and Find Happiness

From James Clear for the Daily Good
Every year we all set goals that we want to reach. Have you ever considered that this simple act of setting a goal could be the one thing that is preventing you from reaching that goal? A lesser achievement could be the key to getting where you want to be without the stress and without the pressure.

Removing stress from the attainment of personal goals can help to make the journey to fulfilling those goals easier. If the individual would simply do a small shift in goal attainment, they would be far more likely to reach the end of their journey.

Consider this, if the individual wants to run a marathon, they do not go out and start running marathons. What that person does is start running smaller distances to work up their endurance and ability so that they may run a marathon. The same is true for our goals.

Set smaller achievements to be reached that will eventually lead to the ability to attain the larger goal. This may not seem like the plan that one wants, but it is definitely the way that a larger, loftier goal can be reached. These smaller steps will constitute the path through which lessons can be learned and abilities honed.

Goals also have a weird way of reducing the overall happiness of the person. When the stress to make good on the goals begins to add up, it is no longer about the goal, it is about the pressure to perform. When the individual falls short on the goals that have been set, they will experience increased stress and a depletion of happiness. Without the goals as a pressure point, success can be acquired.

Long term vision is a good thing. To say to self that such and such is what the eventual end goal is, is a good thing. It helps to keep focus and direction. Although, it should not be the end goal that is the primary focus, rather it should be in the process or way that these goals are reached.

One needs to understand that life will present many situations that they have absolutely no control over. Then what of the goals? The key is to constantly reinvent how the goal will be reached. Lose the pressure and adjust to circumstances and success will be realized. One will be surprised at how much more the journey is enjoyed when the end destination is not dictating the map of how it is reached.

Medical Professionals Also Need To Care For Themselves

In the Mindful article, “Why Doctors and Nurses Should Meditate” important issues are brought up. As a strong believer in the power of mindfulness, it is important to raise awareness. Hospital acquired infections could be lowered with mindfulness. Every year, we are exposed to infections that we get when we go to the hospital. It is ironic, because we go to get cured from a pre-existing illness or condition. We do not imagine the dangers that can happen by stepping inside a hospital. Infections picked up in a hospital are always because of human error. The medical director of Osher Center for Integrative Medicine reports these infections are expensive for our health-care system. 

Mindfulness meditation can help prevent infections in hospitals. Doctors and nurse through mindfulness would be able to make better decisions and provide quality of care for us. They are the ones that can protect us from further infections. Studies have been conducted to research the positive effects of mindfulness. It has been confirmed that we as a society can benefit positively from mindfulness. Those who participated in the study reported they experience less burn-out, had an enhanced personal well-being, and most importantly had an improved attitude in regards to patient-centered care. 

Doctors and nurses who experience burn out have been linked to committing medical errors. When doctors and nurses are stressed out, they project those feelings in their work. Exhaustion and stress can make a person mentally weak. Since, this is a huge concern in our society, it is being tested out with medical students. Medical students should be taught mindfulness while at medical school. This will help them learn about mindfulness prior to beginning to practice. Medical students are not burning-out while in school. Students in Montreal at McGill University must now participate in a Mindful Medical Practice program. Burn-out occurs while practicing, because of the high levels of stress. 

We need doctors and nurses who are well taken care of. If they are, well, then, we are well. Coping skills should be a requirement for everyone in order to get through the stress. McGill University is setting the example for other medical schools. Not only can medical students and medical faculty benefit from mindfulness, but as a society we can learn from it too. Burn-out, distress, and stress can cause us to commit human errors in our daily activities. The bottom line is that hospital infections can be prevented.

New Study to Track Teen Minds and How Meditation Helps them

Mindful says a new study will seek to understand how teens are able to learn and how meditation can be useful to them.

The study is a joint project between Oxford University and University College London and will seek to understand the role that meditation has on teens and how they learn. Over a 7 year period, the study will view 7,000 different teenagers and track the impact that meditation has on them. The results will be tracked by neuroscientists at the universities and will be centered on teens aged from eleven to sixteen.

Teens brain develop significantly during this time period and stress is thought to be one of the major obstacles that can harm a child. Meditation may be able to counter these pressures and performing a study on this time period may illustrate the many benefits that teens have during this unique period in one’s life.

While many people believe that the teenage years are a period of time in which children are maturing and becoming more adult like, the study’s founders are clear that they see this part of a child’s life as one in which the brain is indicative of growth and expanding feelings and functionality, rather than just a sense of emotional maturity.

One of the major study leaders, Willem Kuyken, indicated that the role of this study in understanding teenage minds can be as significant as the role that the introduction of fluoride had on improving the quality of the population’s teeth. Understanding this unique period of time can help the study learn about how the British subject’s think and react to certain stimuli.

A child psychologist, Dan Siegel, who has extensive experience working with teens during this period echoed these comments and indicated that although there is a lot of turbulence during this time period, “emotional intensity, social engagement, and creativity” are the major benefits to this age group and meditation can play a major role into harnessing these positive factors to benefit teens and help to control their behavior.

Either way, this major study by the Oxford University and University College London schools will likely shed some insight into this turbulent time period and the role that meditation plays during this period.

A Unique Way Teachers Share Their Love of Literature

With technology surrounding us everywhere we turn it is nice to see teachers who want to share their love of reading with their students in a unique and fun way. Every time I am with my nieces and nephews the only thing I see is the top of their heads. Let me explain. They never look up to see my face as they always have their eyes on their laptops or their cell phones. I for one applaud these teachers for trying to get their students interested in reading a real book in a fun and festive way.

It all began this summer when teachers in a school in Mississippi were tired of looking at boring, empty lockers as they walked down the hall. They came up with the idea to paint these unused lockers, which have been unused for many years, different colors to represent spines of a book. They went one step further by asking for volunteers to help them write the titles of their favorite books on each newly painted “book spine.” When asking for volunteers the response was overwhelming.

This “Avenue of Literature” as it is affectionately called, is very colorful and very engaging. The row of lockers is located in the English hallway of an eighth grade junior high school. The hopes of the teachers that came up with this brilliant idea is to get children excited and engaged in the act of actually removing their eyes from their laptops, cellular phones and video games and using their eyes to read an actual book.

There is something much more to a book than words on a page. Actually holding a book and turning the pages with anticipation of what comes next is part of the excitement of literature as well. I applaud these teachers for taking this amazing and creative step in hopes that when their students return to their school in September they will walk down the “Avenue of Literature” with curiosity and eagerness to read every book title that is listed on the Avenue and continue that practice long after they have left the eighth grade in this wonderful school in Mississippi.

Humility: A Powerful Virtue

I have recently stumbled across an article that talks about a topic that I am very passionate about. This is one of those virtues that is not very popular. As a matter of fact, many people don’t understand it. I’m talking about humility. We live in a time where people display narcissistic behavior because that is how we are taught to be. We live in a time of selfies and self promotion. It is believed that humility has little to no room in this society.

In my search for articles on the topic of humility, I have found this article from The Daily Good where it starts off with a friend telling a story of a sparrow trying to hold the sky up after hearing that it is falling. The friend adds that he is trying to hold the sky up too. He is then described as subtle, silent, small, and humble. The article describes the world as the polar opposite with its loudness and grandiosity.

This article goes on to describe the effects of a lack of humility which is the lack of empathy and a disconnect from. It also states how it takes a toll on the well being of society. I’ve read on as the article related how the author has read a research paper about the levels of empathy and how much they have dropped since 1980. The empathy levels have dropped 40%. At the same time, the US overall sense of well being has also dropped since 1980 to number 23 from 12.

He then goes on to relate how humility bring forth a change in the story and how it is actually gateway to strength that is profound and without parallel. Many people look at humility as a weakness. At the same time, it is commonly referred to as a favorable trait to have in spiritual books. Some of the greatest leaders and figures of spiritual practices have been described as humble among other things. Reading this article has confirmed a lot of things I have already known and believed about humility. I found that this article was not only informational, but inspiring.

9 Ways To Achieve Happiness in 30 Minutes!

Life can be a handful to deal with sometimes, as a lot can happy. In fact, almost 50% of people aren’t happy in their lives. It is understandable that every now and then, people get down and out of it, but it is sad to see that almost 50% of the Earth’s population isn’t happy with their lives. Thankfully, there is a way to change this. Simply taking small steps to achieve happiness is the way that most people would follow in order to change their lives completely. In fact, just recently an article was posted on DailyGood that states that there are 9 very peaceful and fun things that can be done in 30 minutes in order to raise one’s happiness.

Raising Activity Levels
Many people stay cooped up inside buildings, which can put a damper on their moods, so 
it’s best to simply go outside for at least 5 minutes and just get a fresh breath of air. 

Taking a Walk
It’s not good to stay cooped up inside a building, especially if all you’re doing is sitting. Simply step outside and take a 10-minute walk. The fresh air and sunlight will lift your mood.

Reaching Out
It is always good to catch up with people. Don’t be afraid to step out your bubble and talk to a friend or someone new. Creating closer bonds with people is a way to create fresh happiness in one’s life.

Get Rid of Annoying Tasks
Is there any task that is nagging you? Simply do it quickly and get rid of it. Completing an annoying task and removing it from your to-do list will help relieve much stress.

Put Yourself in a More Serene Environment
When people are in serene and placid environments, they feel much more calm and have 
great inner peace so don’t be afraid to step out of the craziness and into some calmness.

Perform a Good Deed
Many people tend to feel much happier when they perform generous deeds unto others. It 
helps to make one feel like a Good Samaritan.

Save a Life
Many people find much joy in saving others’ lives. You can simply do this by become a 
organ donor, or donating blood, and etc.

Acting Happy
Some people even try faking acting happy until they can actually feel the real happiness 
from inside out. Who knows what could happen? Just try it and see if it works.

Enrich Your Brain with New Information
Lastly, many people find joy in learning new things everyday as it enriches their brain and adds fresh information to their brains.

Overall, the article states that happiness is a very important part of life. Everyone should have the chance to experience it!

Here is the link to the full article on DailyGood

Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine in Life

Life is full of many ups and down, however, many people still find ways to laugh. Laughter is one of the best ways people express their happiness and relieve stress. It is important to stop and relax in life and learn to just laugh. Many people don’t realize that life can be stressful and some even feel like they have to keep on moving faster and faster, as they think that is the only way to get away from the lifeless and unhappy pain they carry inside of them. The cure to this is free and it’s as simple as just opening your mouth to smile and laugh.

Recently, an article was posted on Mindful’s website about how laughter is a very important part of one’s life. Laughter offers so many healthy and beautiful benefits to one’s life. For example, it is proven that people who take time to laugh have lower blood pressure and stress levels, better cardiovascular health, and overall, experience a better sense of well being. The article goes on to say that laughter can completely change one’s life, as it can make a person more attractive, fun, and also improve relationships with loved ones. Who knew that such a little thing like laughter could make a big difference in ones life?Towards the end of the article, it states that laughter is serious business, but it isn’t such a hard thing to achieve. One must simply just start off by learning to be more relaxed, silly, and spontaneous. Simply recalling funny memories, reading light-hearted and silly things, and surrounding one’s self around bubbly and positive people could easily produce much laughter. Of course, results won’t easily happen in one day, but after a while, it will be easy to notice the positive changes in one’s life. They’ll smile a lot more, be more light-hearted, and of course, laugh more often, which will help create a better effect on one’s life.

Overall, the article ends with two quotes that state that “He who laughs most, learns best” and “True laughter… destroys any kind of system of diving people.” It is extremely important to learn from these quotes and to always keep them in memory. Don’t be afraid to get up and start working on something everyone should make sure to do everyday in order to improve their lives; laughing.

Looking for some laughter yourself? Maybe these cats can help:

Man Decides to Invite Only the Homeless For 5 Days of Fine Dining at His Restaurant

Many people in this world do not have such a glorious or supported lifestyle and these people are usually known as homeless people. Homeless people do not have homes and either live in shelters or on the streets. It is very sad to know that people out there are living such terrible lives with barely any food or shelter. Others live their lives so fast and don’t slow down to take time to help those who are suffering. However, in order to change this just recently, an article was posted on SunnySkyz stating that the owner of a certain restaurant is taking a huge step and deciding to only invite the homeless to have a chance to experience fine dining for 5 days. 

As said before, homeless people do not get to experience the finest things in life, however there are certain very helpful and loving people out there that want to help those in suffering. Tabrizi is the owner of a restaurant who is planning to only privately serve the homeless for five days of fine dining. Many people have said numerous things about his idea to do this, as he is doing this during Baltimore’s business profit regain week, where companies have a chance to experience better sales in their business, but Tabrizi is not concerned with that right now. The article states that Tabrizi says that he thinks that the homeless suffers from both hunger and hopelessness and that most probably don’t have much dignity. He wants to change that and allow them to come into his restaurant and feel acknowledged and cared for.

Tabrizi plans to serve different meals at 1, 3 and 5 p.m. every day for five days. These meals will consist of chicken or beef with vegetables and a drink of sparkling cider and scoops of ice cream for dessert. However, they haven’t confirmed the different menus they will use totally. Towards the end of the article, Tabrizi goes on to say that it not just about feeding the homeless, it’s about showing them that there are people out there who care for them. He wants his actions to speak louder than his words.
Overall, Tabrizi has stated that equality matters and homeless people are no different than any of us. We all want to lives stress-free and good lives that are well supported and fun, but not everyone can live that way. Therefore, he wants to help the homeless feel this way by doing this sweet action. From this we can see that there are still people in this world who a strong passion to help others.

The Power Of Being Kind

As read on…

11-year-old Naomi Oakes has bad blood. That is, she has an aggressive form of leukemia and must spend the next nine months of her life in intensive therapy. She is also a huge Taylor Swift fan.

This brave little girl was not even that concerned with hr disease or her future treatments. She was upset that she would be unable to see Miss Swift perform because she would be undergoing therapy. Her father thought it would be a good idea if she commemorated this with singing one of Swift’s songs (Bad Blood, below).

He posted the video of his daughter singing the song on his YouTube account. It did the trick that he was hoping for. It seriously lifted his daughter’s spirits and made her feel better. The video began to circulate and soon it reached Swift. She was deeply moved by little Naomi’s plight.

The family had set forth a go fund me account in order to try to pay for the hospital stay and the therapy their daughter would need. Their goal was to reach $30,000. Miss Swift decided to show her support for her young fan and donate to getting her the treatment she needed.

The sum total of what Swift donated far exceeded the amount the family was seeking. She donated a whopping $50,000. Shocked and surprised by the amount of Swift’s donation, the family expressed their deep gratitude for her thoughtfulness. This was not the end of the story.

Miss Swift decided to take it one step further by contacting young Naomi. She surprised the girl with a personal call to extended her best wishes for a speedy recovery. She also expressed her deep regret that Naomi would miss the upcoming concert. This call greatly cheered the young girl up. Her spirits lifted and the worry of her family evaporated, all hope exists for a speedy recovery with no relapses.

This just goes to show that there are good people in the world that want to get involved and want to help others. Miss Swift went above and beyond what she needed to do and made one little girl a very, very happy fan.

Doing right does pay off and Miss Swift has shown us all that good is far better than doing nothing, and that a little kindness can go a very long way to making a difference in the world.