A Unique Way Teachers Share Their Love of Literature

With technology surrounding us everywhere we turn it is nice to see teachers who want to share their love of reading with their students in a unique and fun way. Every time I am with my nieces and nephews the only thing I see is the top of their heads. Let me explain. They never look up to see my face as they always have their eyes on their laptops or their cell phones. I for one applaud these teachers for trying to get their students interested in reading a real book in a fun and festive way.

It all began this summer when teachers in a school in Mississippi were tired of looking at boring, empty lockers as they walked down the hall. They came up with the idea to paint these unused lockers, which have been unused for many years, different colors to represent spines of a book. They went one step further by asking for volunteers to help them write the titles of their favorite books on each newly painted “book spine.” When asking for volunteers the response was overwhelming.

This “Avenue of Literature” as it is affectionately called, is very colorful and very engaging. The row of lockers is located in the English hallway of an eighth grade junior high school. The hopes of the teachers that came up with this brilliant idea is to get children excited and engaged in the act of actually removing their eyes from their laptops, cellular phones and video games and using their eyes to read an actual book.

There is something much more to a book than words on a page. Actually holding a book and turning the pages with anticipation of what comes next is part of the excitement of literature as well. I applaud these teachers for taking this amazing and creative step in hopes that when their students return to their school in September they will walk down the “Avenue of Literature” with curiosity and eagerness to read every book title that is listed on the Avenue and continue that practice long after they have left the eighth grade in this wonderful school in Mississippi.


One Reply to “A Unique Way Teachers Share Their Love of Literature”

  1. This was very inspiring to read. What a great idea to ask for volunteers to add the name of their favorite book. This is not only helpful for the students that got involved, but for those that pass by those lockers everyday. It will help this years students as well as the next years students for years to come.


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