People are What Makes This World Positive

I have heard and/or read several different stories of people who were selfless, and who were very heroic in another person’s darkest hour. Though all of them were great to hear and/or read, I want to address only two of those many inspiring stories that have really stuck with me; thus far, in my 37 years of life.

One was of a man who saved another man in a fashion I would only imagine seeing in superhero movie. This ordinary gentleman named Wesley Autrey was on his way to take his young daughters home in a subway station, when a man nearby started convulsing and fell onto the tracks.

Without hesitation Mr. Autrey jumped after him, and was unable to get him off the tracks in time. However, he used his body to push the individual down onto the tracks allowing the train to just barely clear both men without injuring them.

The amount of courage it would take to jump on the subway track, and risk your own life to save a complete stranger in front of your daughters, is nothing short of absolutely astonishing to me. I will always have nothing but respect for this gentleman.

I would like to say I would do the same thing in that situation, but I’m not sure my instincts are inclined to let me lay on a track while a train comes roaring over my body.

The second positive thing that stuck with me was a simple meme. This writer takes something as negative as suicidal thoughts, and spins positivity into it; thereby, its intent is to get people with suicidal thoughts to realize they’re not weak, but stronger than they can possibly imagine.

The writer engages the reader with a sympathetic tone, as if he or she knows exactly how you’re feeling. As if he or she has been there on an emotional level at some point, and tells you that you’re fighting with your own emotions to stay alive.

More often than not, all anyone needs is a reason to live . . . “a stick” as the writer cleverly words it. It is meant to be hung on a wall or door of a counselor or psychiatrist’s office, because they can usually give you the guidance that is necessary to understand or find your “stick.” Something you can use to stay alive in the chaos of your mental state.


I am proud to announce QNET’s newest Brand Ambassador: Martina Hingis

Every year, QI Group’s independent representatives gather to celebrate as one community in what is called the V-convention. This year, V-con was held in Dubai. During the event, me and other QNET executives decided it was the perfect platform to announce our new and exciting partnership with Martina Hingis.

The lovely tennis player will be QNET’s newest brand ambassador. V-con was also a celebration of our 17th anniversary! Held at the Hamdam Sports Arena, 10,000 folks who attended the event witnessed as the tennis superstar took to the stage as we made the big announcement.

As QNET’s Managing Director, I was honored to be there for this exciting announcement. Martina is a living example of my belief that anyone can be extraordinary if they are willing to push themselves to grow, learn, and work hard. After speaking with her in Dubai, I found the philosophies Martina uses to stay on track in training and when dealing with her team are not that far from my own business philosophies. This partnership is a perfect match.

Martina Hingis has been a five time Glad Slam winner, and is the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s Global Ambassador. While receiving her latest title from Bismark, she expressed her excitement at partnering with one of the leading global brands. QNET’s presence in over 100 countries worldwide proves that. Apart from Martina Hingis, Manchester City football club and Marussia Formula One team are our other QNET’s sponsorships in sports.

The tennis player, who will also represent QNET in India, will be wearing the our apparel, and promoting some of our great products as part of popularizing the brand during the competitions. Apart from playing at the Champions Tennis League, she will also be participating in other competitions sponsored by QNET.

Big News: QI Group Join United Nations Initiative

The United Nations Global Compact Network is the world’s largest sustainability program for the corporate world, which has gained a major new member in the form of our multi level marketing company, the QI Group. I have been discussing the impact the program could have on both the Qi Group and the world as a whole with Yahoo Finance. At the 2015 CSR Summit in Singapore, we pledged to follow the ten principles of sustainability and human rights the United Nations program has highlighted as an important part of the future of business and global sustainability.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in the UNGC Network, which looks to make sure each company pledged to the initiative will work within the programs the United Nations has created. There are other parts to the UNGC program, which include a pledge to create an environmentally sustainable future for their organizations. I believe the QI Group has already been working to secure many of the rights for labor groups and in environmental sustainability that the UNGC calls for, which include our installation of solar arrays at our company locations.

By signing up to the UNGC Network principles, we continue to move towards greater corporate transparency which is designed to reduce the levels of corruption in international business. By increasing transparency in the international business world, we are looking to create a fairer world for the present and future generations of the world.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in my approach of leadership. It is my personal mission to treat each and every employee in the same respectful manner, creating a healthy corporate culture and a happy team here at Qi Group.

Hope for the Homeless

A decade ago we would rarely hear about the homeless crisis, except in times of holiday charity. Times have changed though and we see more and more about the homeless crisis in news and social media. There is a vast amount of information that comes through our computer, tablet, television and cell phone screens. There are moments in which we will feel a flutter in our heart for a snippet that has caught our attention as we continue to scroll through happenings and events.

There are people who decide to act on those flutters, open their hearts enough to take action and make a difference in someones life. ABC news recently reported on a man in California, named Elvis Summers. He met Irene McGee and learned her story of a decade of homelessness. Elvis took it upon himself to perform an act of kindness and with just five hundred dollars built her a tiny home shelter. He has since started a foundation to continue helping the homeless.

Other times people are compelled to live in acts of kindness following a tragedy. In 1991, a man named Arnold Abbot started the Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida following the death of his beloved wife. His mission was to feed and help the homeless. In 2014, Arnolds face became familiar in many households, after the city passed an ordinance that made it illegal to feed the homeless. Arnold showed his commitment to his cause after several arrests, as reported by CNN. The story of the actions of one kind man that touched many hearts, became a media storm and amidst the public outcry, charges were dropped against Arnold and his mission continued.

These two men and the many others like them, are no different than you and I. However, they chose to make a difference in the lives of another. People such as this are rewarded with the gratitude of humanity. If each of us could choose to make a positive impact on just one persons life each week, within a year humanity within society would be thriving in the way it was meant to- together.

Weekend Good News Wrap Up

On a recent web surfing binge I came across an article that I found to be on the
more uplifting side of things. That is not something we get much lately. Positive
is not so common on the internet so I took notice. It is about harnessing the
healing properties of the ocean and being more connected to nature in the same

Natural healing is something that is becoming increasingly popular in the Western
Culture where before it was relegated to “monks” and “hippie folk.” The science
behind the theory however is sound. It is a real and tangible connection that we
share with the ocean and the rest of nature as well.

Much has been said on this topic lately but this article was about the ocean
specifically and how it can be of benefit to our well being.
“Adam Royal” is the man that started the project. Trained in psychology and a
therapist as well, he maintains that it all stems from his quiet meditation sessions
by the ocean that opened him to the awesome healing power of it all.

I found this to be a refreshing take on the entire concept of the way we heal
ourselves and using nature to do it.

In an unrelated article “Asia Pulp and Paper” is partnering with the “Deltares”
company in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The peatlands of Indonesia are a
crucial part of the plan to help the national reduction of emissions by 26% by the
year 2020. By retiring many commercial plantations they look to free roughly 7,000
hectares by their target date. This is a first ever for the nation and a welcome
change that will benefit the land.

This is just another great thing that we humans are doing for each other on a
daily basis around the globe.

On that note yet another great thing happening is the action Canada’s officials are
taking when it comes to the Syrian Crisis. There is a movement going on and Canada’s
Mayors are a the forefront. One of them being the Mayor of Toronto John Tory.
He has and is speaking with counterparts from all areas there to get in touch with
citizens who are willing to privately sponsor a refugee or a family if they are
so inclined. Great news for anybody in Syria right now who gets the aid that they
so desperately need.