Big News: QI Group Join United Nations Initiative

The United Nations Global Compact Network is the world’s largest sustainability program for the corporate world, which has gained a major new member in the form of our multi level marketing company, the QI Group. I have been discussing the impact the program could have on both the Qi Group and the world as a whole with Yahoo Finance. At the 2015 CSR Summit in Singapore, we pledged to follow the ten principles of sustainability and human rights the United Nations program has highlighted as an important part of the future of business and global sustainability.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in the UNGC Network, which looks to make sure each company pledged to the initiative will work within the programs the United Nations has created. There are other parts to the UNGC program, which include a pledge to create an environmentally sustainable future for their organizations. I believe the QI Group has already been working to secure many of the rights for labor groups and in environmental sustainability that the UNGC calls for, which include our installation of solar arrays at our company locations.

By signing up to the UNGC Network principles, we continue to move towards greater corporate transparency which is designed to reduce the levels of corruption in international business. By increasing transparency in the international business world, we are looking to create a fairer world for the present and future generations of the world.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in my approach of leadership. It is my personal mission to treat each and every employee in the same respectful manner, creating a healthy corporate culture and a happy team here at Qi Group.


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