How To Burst Out If You’re Stuck

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If you feel stuck in a rut, find your step again by building these habits that help with your personal strength and courage.

“Fear and self-limiting beliefs create imaginary boundaries that can keep us from acting in our own best interests. There’s a reason: Our brains are wired to resist change. They will process anything we repeatedly think, say or do and formalise it into a habit. It’s easier for our brains to depend on habits because they don’t have to work as hard. It’s comfortable. But if those habits aren’t serving you, where does that leave you?”

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Champions Vs Those Who’re Almost Champions

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“It’s the perennial million-dollar question of nature versus nurture, sure. But the difference between the greats and the almost-greats (which, by the way, applies well beyond sports) also appears to be at least partially driven by one specific thing — how each group responds to adversity. The greats rise to the challenge and put in persistent effort; the almost-greats lose steam and regress.”

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Start NOW!

It’s so easy to put things off for tomorrow. But tomorrow, you will regret not having started yesterday. Don’t be that person. Say no to all excuses and start today! You will not regret it.