The Importance of Building Culture in Your Organization


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Companies often take a passive approach to culture. They figure it’s not something they can control – or that they need to control. If they leave it alone, it’ll all work itself out.

In her presentation, “The Best Things About Culture Are Free,” at Culture Summit 2016Katie Burke, chief people officer at Hubspot, says, “When it comes to culture, most companies have a can’t-do attitude.”

But leaving culture to chance does more harm than good for your organization.

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5 Lessons You Should Learn from a Superstar Sales Rep


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You know those new salespeople who roll onto the scene, make big waves, and have the old-timers scratching their heads asking, “Where did they come from?” Stephen Higgins is one of those salespeople.

Although Higgins only began working on the consulting side of sales when he joined in-bound marketing titan HubSpot in 2015, he hit over 200 percent of his goals in that first year alone–and he’s crushed his sales goals every month since. When I heard about Higgins’ rapid success at HubSpot, I knew I had to sit down with him to hear exactly how he does it.

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