Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks!

You’ll never know if you don’t try, right?



Are You Leading a Sluggish Organisation?

light-bulb-1170778_640Everyone thinks that growth is a positive, but unbridled or excessive growth can be a net negative if it limits your ability to innovate. It’s almost a cliche that as an organisation grows it risks retreating into the tried and true and what worked before. Just because things slow down a bit it doesn’t mean that you and your team lost your creative edge or that you will never again be able to be agile and seize on opportunities. It means that you are losing some positive momentum.

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The 1 Trick To Make Sales Messages Memorable


I’ve written about sales and marketing messages frequently in the past but I’ve never explained how selecting the best Point of View (PoV) makes sales and marketing messages more memorable… and thus more effective at driving sales.

To best explain how PoV works in sales and marketing messages, I need to explain how PoV works in movies, television and fiction. It’s not an exact parallel, but it illustrates the concept by tying it to something familiar.

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