Turn Your Struggles Into Opportunities

Every obstacle can become a way for your improvement with the right perspective. The right mind-set will make the difference.



How to Become Rich by Doing What You Love

You don’t have to compromise your happiness in exchange of success. There are ways on how you can be financially successful while doing what you love.


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“Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed a lot of people getting rich and succeeding at their careers. I can finally say that my own career is turning out to be a success. One of the things I’ve learned throughout my journey is that fortune and success in life are based on skill, luck, patience and passion.”

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What Direct Selling Means To Me


Just like anybody else who is ignorant of network marketing, I had been very much scared of it. I was also against it because of all the write-ups, articles, news I’ve heard – these “pyramids” and everything – but I was lucky enough because I met Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, who was already very knowledgeable about network marketing.

He explained to me such a wonderful business model wherein it allows an ordinary person – one who does not seem like they have an opportunity to become successful in life, who does not have that facility for a big investment – to start a company.

Any person, even without a degree, just like myself, can actually become successful; this concept attracted me very much. It opened up a vision, something in me that said, “Hey, you know, I could also be successful!”

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I am proud to announce QNET’s newest Brand Ambassador: Martina Hingis

Every year, QI Group’s independent representatives gather to celebrate as one community in what is called the V-convention. This year, V-con was held in Dubai. During the event, me and other QNET executives decided it was the perfect platform to announce our new and exciting partnership with Martina Hingis.

The lovely tennis player will be QNET’s newest brand ambassador. V-con was also a celebration of our 17th anniversary! Held at the Hamdam Sports Arena, 10,000 folks who attended the event witnessed as the tennis superstar took to the stage as we made the big announcement.

As QNET’s Managing Director, I was honored to be there for this exciting announcement. Martina is a living example of my belief that anyone can be extraordinary if they are willing to push themselves to grow, learn, and work hard. After speaking with her in Dubai, I found the philosophies Martina uses to stay on track in training and when dealing with her team are not that far from my own business philosophies. This partnership is a perfect match.

Martina Hingis has been a five time Glad Slam winner, and is the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s Global Ambassador. While receiving her latest title from Bismark, she expressed her excitement at partnering with one of the leading global brands. QNET’s presence in over 100 countries worldwide proves that. Apart from Martina Hingis, Manchester City football club and Marussia Formula One team are our other QNET’s sponsorships in sports.

The tennis player, who will also represent QNET in India, will be wearing the our apparel, and promoting some of our great products as part of popularizing the brand during the competitions. Apart from playing at the Champions Tennis League, she will also be participating in other competitions sponsored by QNET.

Big News: QI Group Join United Nations Initiative

The United Nations Global Compact Network is the world’s largest sustainability program for the corporate world, which has gained a major new member in the form of our multi level marketing company, the QI Group. I have been discussing the impact the program could have on both the Qi Group and the world as a whole with Yahoo Finance. At the 2015 CSR Summit in Singapore, we pledged to follow the ten principles of sustainability and human rights the United Nations program has highlighted as an important part of the future of business and global sustainability.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in the UNGC Network, which looks to make sure each company pledged to the initiative will work within the programs the United Nations has created. There are other parts to the UNGC program, which include a pledge to create an environmentally sustainable future for their organizations. I believe the QI Group has already been working to secure many of the rights for labor groups and in environmental sustainability that the UNGC calls for, which include our installation of solar arrays at our company locations.

By signing up to the UNGC Network principles, we continue to move towards greater corporate transparency which is designed to reduce the levels of corruption in international business. By increasing transparency in the international business world, we are looking to create a fairer world for the present and future generations of the world.

Respect and the rights of the individual play an important role in my approach of leadership. It is my personal mission to treat each and every employee in the same respectful manner, creating a healthy corporate culture and a happy team here at Qi Group.

Trust, not stress, makes a good working environment

I was not too surprised to read that good bosses actually get more done and get more out of employees than those that flex their muscles and are mean to employees. A recent article on the website www.mindful.org showed the results of studies that made the point.

A study at Georgetown University showed that the major reason people have for not being nice is that they don’t have the time. But just being too busy is not the same thing as being mean or creating unnecessary tension or stress.

It has been well documented that stress affects the immune system and33 elevates hormone levels that impact diet and weight. A lack of civility also has a negative effect on focus. According to the study, people were belittle before being asked to complete a word puzzle. Those people performed with 33 percent less effectiveness than those who had not been treated unkindly. The test group also came up with much fewer creative ideas in a brain storming session.

The test had similar results when done by a stranger. Another interesting aspect was, even seeing uncivil behavior and not being the recipient, resulted in lower performance, though not as much.

Stress ultimately costs employers, though it can be useful in a crisis type situation. Author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus, Daniel Goleman, says when there is a lot of stress, attention goes away from the task at hand to the cause of the stress. According to his research, the brain’s areas that are used for paying attention, comprehending and learning, are hijacked in order to handle the stress of an angry boss.

So, if an angry, tension creating boss causes problems, what type of boss is one that creates a positive working environment.

As I read the article, I thought about my philosophy as a boss myself and how things work best between me and my employees.

It came down to the fact that being a good, encouraging, and fair person as well as a boss led to better relationships with workers and greater productivity. Additionally, in times when I’ve been an employee, bosses who treated me as a person were at some level a friend who I trusted and wanted to please with my best performance.

The article indeed says building trust is the most important thing a good boss can do. Bosses you can have a mutual trust with, are those that you will work hardest for, simply because you have a relationship and trust each other to some degree.

Leaders who project warmth are the ones easiest to trust, and therefore the easiest to work with.