Crayons Get An Upgrade

We’ve all visited a restaurant where our kids have found a box of crayons on the table along with a page to try out their artistic skills. Have you ever wondered what happens to them when you leave? Well, that is the question that Bryan Ware had according to a recent article in Good News Network. He found out that 25 to 35 tons of crayons are left in a landfill each year and these items take quite a while to break down. As a result he came up with a great idea to collect these crayons before they hit the landfill and recycle them.

Mr. Ware started a nonprofit called “The Crayon Initiative” which not only gives the crayons a fresher look but also puts them into the hands of children who could really put them to good use in hospitals, art programs and special needs programs.

His journey began several years ago when he and his family went out to dinner and his children received crayons from the waitress. He discovered that the crayons would get thrown out and were not able to be donated anywhere because of the issue with germs. Mr. Ware invested his own money into the project, and teamed up with a physical therapist who helped to design the crayons into a triangular shape that would make it easier for special needs children.

So far, over 100,000 boxes of crayons have been donated to The Crayon Initiative from around the country and 800,000 have been reshaped. Amazingly, Bryan Ware is producing these crayons in his kitchen, stirring large heated pots of crayons by hand or family members’ hands. With thousands of crayons stored in his garage, he is looking for funding to transfer from his garage to an appropriate facility. Not only is Bryan Ware doing something great for children everywhere, but he is also helping the environment by recycling. He believes that this is just the start of bigger things to come. In the meantime, anyone who wishes to donate crayons or has an interest in starting up a collection program in their community or schools can find more information at The Crayon Initiative website.