The Top 10 Happiest Countries to Live in?

Though not being a goal for everyone, it is for the most part a goal to be happy. Happiness is an excellent indicator of the country’s well-being. Disregard the economy, the politics, the power, and focus on happiness.

Here are the top 10 countries that are considered to be the happiest according to The Daily Good. Do you agree with them? Tell me in the comments!

1.) Switzerland

Switzerland is full of mountains and scenery that will take ones breath away. This country has been ranked based upon the well-being of every citizen. 96 percent of the population in Switzerland believe that they have someone that they can rely on when in need.

2.) Iceland

This country is has the highest ranking for the number of jobs and earnings in the country. There is also a huge amount of personal security, health, and well-being associated with living in Iceland.

3.) Denmark

Only 2 percent of Denmark’s population have reported to have to work long hours. The motto in Denmark is to live a balanced life of work and break.

4.) Norway

This country has good social connections, environmental quality as well as a fantastic work-life balance. Over 82 percent of adults in Norway have completed a secondary education.

5.) Canada

Those who live in Canada are reputed to be both very happy and healthy. Only 1.3 of the population have claimed or reported to have ever fallen victim to assaults. 

6.) Finland 

Finland among all the countries on this list has one emphasizes education the most. The average student in Finland scores a 529 on the PISA exam when the average is 497.

7.) Netherlands

This country has a strong sense of community in addition to community participation. Over 90 percent of the population believe that they can rely on someone whenever they are in need of help.

8.) Sweden

This country has received much prestige for its education in addition to the quality of the environment. There is also a 86 percent of voter turnout.

9.) New Zealand

This country has scored a lower than average on the amount of air particles present. In addition to this, New Zealand scores high points for the job security, well-being, and education in the country.

10.) Australia 

This country has a 93 percent voter turnout and is ranked to be one of the top ten happiest places to reside in in the world.